Week One Task

I’ve narrowed my photographs down to five that I feel show different typographic styles and in turn the different social spaces in my community. After my last module feedback I want to try really hard to improve my typesetting. I’ve kept it simple with this PDF but hopefully over the next few weeks there will be a noticeable improvement…

Unpicking the new brief…

Consider a range of emerging communication strategies that could help draw attention to an under discussed cultural subject area. It’s a chance for you to understand the responsibilities that we have as designers and demonstrate how your own creative approach can inform and help affect change.

“We want you to find an intriguing and original way to present this story to a new audience and express exactly why it holds particular cultural significance.”

I’ve started this project by identifying areas of person interest that I feel could be relevant for this project. I don’t want to rush in to picking a theme or topic too soon but I was in how Stuart framed the brief in last nights webinar. I need to pick a topic that will allow me to position me in a place that will help me get to what I want to achieve or where I want to work after graduation. I need to use this brief as an opportunity to get in touch with people, make contacts, build relationships and my portfolio.

A potential subject area that is standing out to me at the moment is citation spotters.
I’m not sure yet whether this idea has proper legs but it has been brought to my attention recently with an exciting siting of a humpback whale about 10 miles from where I live.
This whale drew hundreds of excited citation spotters down to the harbour each day, all waiting for a chance to see it. I joined a longstanding facebook group of local citation spotters, it’s a really interesting database of sorts, you can go back years and see when and where people have spotted citations off the North Pembrokeshire coast.
It got me thinking about citizen scientists and the massive positive impact these people make on shaping environmental (and other) laws in our country.
It’s almost an anti capitalist activity, not productive in terms of money, yet super important for the collective knowledge of nature. Could it be interesting to profile people that spend their time doing this?

Further Reading

The notion of Europe and America having a very different visual identity due to the history of type is an interesting one. Europe had the chance to develop type and styles which are still seen today before the age of advertising. Where as cited above it wouldn’t be a suprise if an American street sign sponsored.
As a designer thinking of designing something to be forgettable is not usually where my head goes to when starting a brief, however it is actually a super important part of designing a sign.

“They are not supposed to demand more than a millisecond of thought about their existence but instead take our thoughts elsewhere”
Fella, E & Blackwell, L [1]


[1] Fella, E. and Blackwell, L. (2000) Letters on America: Photographs and Lettering.

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