Week 1: Who, What, Where, Why

Week one

Adaptation, curiosity, play, absorb… these are all key takeaways from watching the practitioner case studies.

I was inspired by Sam Winston’s use of type: https://www.samwinston.com/projects/a-dictionary-story

His practice is the one that inspired me the most, it felt experimental, artistic and refreshing.

“Question the boundaries of the medium”

Workshop Challenge

Who: I’m Ellie, hello! What: I chose to describe what I do as navigate. I’m a graphic designer, education resource creator, outdoor activity instructor and I’ll probably end up adding cafe worker to the list while I’m studying my masters. It’s a lot to navigate through but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Where: I’m based in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It’s important to me to carve out a life I would like to live in this environment. It’s not the easiest place to live, but I have learnt to love living in tune with the seasons.

Why: ‘Am I really looking?’ This is a question I’ve been holding in recent weeks, I feel it applies directly to my practice as a designer and artist. I want to be tuned in to my surroundings as much as possible, learning, watching and growing with what is around me.

This week we were challenged with creating a Quadriptic. It was not something I had recognised as a style of artwork before and I enjoyed delving into the historic and religious history of Quadriptics. The shape of my Quadriptic came from looking at Sam Winston’s work. I love his use of paper folds to add to a story. Initially I was planning to use a mix of illustration and hand drawn type to communicate. It was partially logistics that stopped this happening, I currently don’t have access to a printer and so I decided the way I could make this look minimal and stylish while still making it by hand would be if I only used lettering.

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