Week 5: Thoughts on Ideas

Wow what a week to be studying the brain… I’ve spent a lot of this week in hospital with my grandad who was having brain surgery so my study time has not been quite how I wanted it to be but I’m happy to have come to a conclusion. Lecture Material

It was really interesting to delve into some of the early design processes which were put together by the Bauhaus. I had not considered that a process would have been developed at all as we often view creative processes as something that just flows.

At the time this diagram was very radicle… I mean it is even circular which for any process visualisation is still viewed as progressive today. Well done Bauhaus.

So how on earth do I use my own brain? I like to think that my thinking comes at a problem / brief / idea from a circular way of viewing things. I am very conscious about my footprint on the earth and it has in the past stopped me from doing many things including creating. I kept coming to the conclusion ‘What’s the point, it’s just another thing’… however, my viewpoint has changed. I can see there is point, lots of point to creating anything. By telling stories and making artwork we give ourselves and the viewer a vantage point in which you can step into… see the world through someone elses eyes. Thinking for me is done in and with space. The more the better I often consume a brief, project or idea indoors, on my laptop and then head outside. Often without the intention of working on that idea, yet that is when my brain has the capacity to be playful and creative. I enjoy visualising ideas right the way through to their interaction with a consumer before I have even started working on them, I think this can sometimes limit my creative process and I should know when to hit the pause button in my mind and allow myself to start creating without having a final outcome in mind. That being said I have struggled with the workshop brief, not having a final idea in mind has left me a bit panicked… I should probably go for a walk.

The left and right brain

Not something I had researched before! I knew we had a left and right side of the brain and that is where my knowledge ended… interestingly, with my grandad’s brain operation he has had the right side of his brain compromised by a tumour for some years… It is said that the right side of the brain is intuative, but also that for things such as imagination you need both hemispheres. The right side of the brain is said to have encouraged humans to chase eternal happiness, leading to resentment, unhappiness and an explosion of mental illness. Interestingly, in relation to my grandad I would say he is an extremely rational, focussed and positive person. Maybe having a slightly compromised right hemisphere has served him well?

Ask yourself, how do we as designers, combine different ways of seeing, different ways of reading, comprehending and thinking within your design process? Really explore, take a step back and analyse and reflect upon this. As designers I think we contribute massively to the way people view themselves, their lives and in turn, their way of thinking. Cultures are built upon the way we view ourselves and often those views have come from things that people have designed. There is an ethical question that surrounds many of today’s visual media or just today’s visuals. Capitalism has driven much of how we view the world if we are viewing it using the tools of main stream media, British high streets and social media.

Creative Practitioners and their thinking methods

Mickey Smith is a photographer, musician and surfer. I think he pushes the boundaries of creativity, in his live music performances he questions why the music always gets blasted from the front of the room onto the crowd, the rooms are always made atmospheric, visuals projected onto the audience and speakers surround you… His outlook on life and creativity is captured beautifully in this short film. My faveourite quote is “I see life in angles, lines of perspective”. It’s a nice mantra to live by, when I think about this sentence it instantly helps me shift my perspective on any given task and I have carried it with my through this weeks task.

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